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Mediation Philosophy

Mediation is the most enlightened form of dispute resolution available for business, commercial, employment,real estate, and securities disputes. The self determination and communication aspects of mediation provide a professional forum where parties can maximize their economic utility and control their litigation risks. Mediation properly conducted provides both sides an opportunity to be heard and understood, and to achieve efficient resolution with financial and emotional closure.

Diligent preparation, open mindedness, and persistence are important components of my approach to mediation. Litigation risk analysis is utilized when the parties or the mediator deems it appropriate. Parties are expected to treat each other and the process with civility and respect, and bring settlement authority into the room.

While it is sometimes darkest before dawn in mediation, as long as parties are willing to negotiate it is highly likely that resolution can be achieved. The opportunity for resolution is usually maximized by providing a mediation forum tailored to the parties needs, but generally by providing a forum where parties are heard and understood and take the time to hear and understand the other side. When that happens, parties become liberated from a fighting mode to an interest based problem solving and closure seeking mode. Good lawyers, good lawyering, and open-minded clients greatly enhance mediation opportunities and results.


Huerta Mediation helps clients find interest-based resolutions through legal disputes throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, and Imperial counties, including the cities of San Diego, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Irvine, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Vista, Fullerton, and Riverside. HUERTA MEDIATION also provides mediation services throughout California, through video conferencing, and around the nation.

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